Title of web pages not saved properly on Android App on few websites

  • Memex Go version 1.13.5

I've noticed this issue only on https://crowdbunker.com and https://nitter.net but since Nitter server is down now, it can only be tested on CrowdBunker. I've had this issue with all previous versions of the Android App.

Bug description :

  • I share videos from CrowdBunker to Memex Go and add them to Spaces

  • Then I open Memex Go to check what has been saved and almost always the titles of the videos are not saved properly :

    It should look like "Title of the video - CrowdBunker" but instead it always saves it as "CrowdBunker"

  • If I save the same video from the web browser extension on desktop I don't have any issue, it saves the title properly.

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About 2 months ago



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