Allow Possiblity for Signup-Free URL

For / MIT OCW, we wanted the entire world to publicly build a sort of a message board on other people’s comments on PDFs of class notes — it would make sense for us to share everyone a memex link so they can comment and see comments!

For this, we’d want<pdf url> to let folks view a preview without signing in to view. We expect 80% of viewers to be lurkers, but just want them to have the ability to see memex comments if they want, without signup dropoff before they know what memex is. When they take an action like comment or like, then the signup screen can pop up.

I get the tension with wanting user retention/signup, but i think requesting signup before the person who gets a link not even knowing what memex is, might increase dropoff quite a bit for our site so we wouldn't be down to do that. I'd be down to test drive like, a style url or something!

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3 months ago


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