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April 19th 2024

Bundling up all big amounts of smaller updates into one post here, still a lot of them suffering from uncovered MV3 incompatibilities.

Quality of Life improvements

  • Youtube action buttons more robust to delays in the sidebar opening

  • Add ability to use the text exporter when bulk selecting items in the dashboard

  • Add ability instantly trigger summarisation on a page

    • Option+Y (default) to trigger the summary and already load the default query

    • Shift+Option+Y (default) to instantly use the default query and execute it

  • Add more explanatory placeholders in the annotation editor

  • Ability to delete a page via the ribbon without having to go to the dashboard


  • Fix bug with obsidian export date templates not working

  • Fix click-removing a space from an annotation in the card removing them all

  • Fix Twitter title edit failing

  • Fix backspace in edit field causing item to be deleted

  • Fix hotkey not working when tooltip disabled

  • Fix query not working on first attempt after install

  • Fix bug where AI did not execute when there is no key

  • Fix counting bug where AI queries were counted twice

  • Fix output issues with certain Markdown syntax on AI queries

  • Fix dashboard sometimes loading saying "you have to login" when in fact you were logged in

  • Fix popup sometimes infinitely loading

  • Fix bug where randomly it would show an error message that the annotationId was missing without an annotation being triggered

  • Deletion modal in the injected dashboard would not be styled

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April 12th 2024

As noted a few weeks ago we had to do the switch to finally fully support MV3, and as expected there were a few issues cropping up that we were mostly focused on fixing up in those, with some great performance improvements in the process, and reducing the overall memory footprint!

Product Fixes

  • Fix summary button on Youtube not adding the prompt to the chat every now and then

  • Fix bug where an old image upload implementation caused the sync to block for some users with older data.

  • Fix youtube removing video with rare combo of in-video shopping and memex UI having a blurred background (weird!)

  • Fix email invites not being able to be accepted by recipient

MV3 Related Fixes

  • Move from RPC calls to messages (that was a big one with a few iterations)

  • Greatly reduce startup time of service workers, leading back to pre-MV3 reaction times when saving/annotating

  • Fix bug where multiple dashboards open would cause the browser to freeze bc of a circular message sending between the dashboards

  • Fix bug that would cause the in-page UI to be injected multiple times

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March 28th 2024

Also includes versions 3.18.1 - 3.18.3 due to review hick-ups with the new Manifest V3 releases and having to resubmit it twice.

Quality of life improvements:

  • When importing bookmarks it will also now create the same sub-folders from your browser bookmarks

  • Add back behaviour to Youtube timestamp to click for current time, and shift+click for range selected in range selector


  • Fix imports broken after MV3 updates

  • Fix title edits being broken

  • Fix importing of bookmark files from Pocket etc being broken

  • Fix clicking on the annotation card to scroll to the highlight

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March 25th 2024

A while ago Google announced its change to a new extension framework with quite a few big changes (we are not happy about many of them and think they are predatory to protect their business model).

This change has a lot of technical and user experience ramifications, but we had to do it. From June '24 on it is mandatory.

Chrome Store has now started putting pressure on extension developers by slowing down review times for MV2 extensions, and we now wait 2-3 days for a new version to be released, instead of a few hours.

We're launching this now to mitigate this, and to give us some time to weed out any bugs that appear before we can't update the extension anymore without MV3.

This update basically touches everything in Memex. If you run into any bugs we have not caught yet, please let us know via the live chat or here on Featurebase.

General things this impacts:

  • Sync: Sync is not as live anymore and sometimes maybe is even delayed.
    Please let us know for cases you encounter so we can figure out how to improve this.

    • When you start a new profile that runs memex the first sync change will have a notification appear, one of the side effects of the MV3 change. We're seeking to improve that but have not figured out how yet.

  • UX: When not using Memex for 30s, the first annotation has some added startup time. In the next few weeks we're going to work on this and hopefully get back to the snappiness you all know.

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March 25th 2024

Note: This is a change that had a lot of code being touched!
With browser extensions on so many different systems and working on many pages on the web there may be things that regressed. Let us know about any bugs via the live chat in the bottom right of the the feature board here, and we'll at it to fix it asap.

You'll now have the ability to export papers websites and annotations in academic citation formats. Standard templates are provided for MLA, IEEE and Harvard standards and you can completely customise the output to other standards too.

How to use:

  1. Go to any of the "CITE" buttons you find in the top right on the annotation sidebar, or in each result element

  2. Select one of the templates (MLA, IEEE or Harvard) or click on "NEW" and then select an existing template from the "prefill with template" button and modify it from there

  3. To use the templates in the cite process make sure to FIRST SAVE THE PAGE, otherwise the copying will not work (we'll improve this just you know for now thats a must)

  4. You can modify the captured metadata by clicking on the "cite" button in the annotation sidebar and then clicking away the modal. You'll see that the sidebar content has changed with the metadata fields to edit


  • Automatically capture metadata from PDFs and websites such as

    • DOI

    • Authors List

    • Journal Name

    • Journal Volume

    • Journal Page

    • Journal issue

    • Paper release date

    • First access date

  • Added new template variables for each of those data points

  • Formatting for time output for pages and notes follow the "moment.js" date syntax here.

    • {{#PageCreatedAt}}YYYY-MM-DD{{/PageCreatedAt}}

    • !!!!This is a breaking change, old time variables will not work anymore!!!!

Auto-Capture of page and paper metatdata


  • Added back the "fetch local" button, missing from the initial release of the new AI chat

Bug Fixes

  • The youtube range would show NaN as the time when switching between youtube videos in the same tab

  • Even though you had a subscription it would still show you the "You're in trial" in the AI selection modal

  • Fix bug with "clear chat" still keeping the last message in the list

Lifetime plan

Since we launched so many cool new things in the past 3 weeks that we want you to have a chance to experience. We're delaying the price increase of the transferrable lifetime plan to March 31st, from then on it'll be $500 instead of $400.

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March 20th 2024

Our AI features got a massive upgrade.
You can now ask follow up questions, use image(s) in your prompt, and adjust the range of YouTube videos to be summarized!


  • Ask follow up questions to the AI in a chat interface

  • Add images and text selections as context to the AI prompt

  • Select ranges of Youtube videos for being used in the summary, as opposed to just the entire video

  • We use now the new Claude-3 Haiku as the base model for all your requests and/or if you add images to your chats.

Quality of life improvements

  • Prompt templates are now reorderable and editable

  • Significant speed improvements in creating Youtube notes and trigger the summary

  • Last AI model selection is saved

Bug fixes:

  • If you open the "AI" tab too fast after opening the sidebar it would jump back into the "Notes" card

Lifetime plan

We're delaying the price increase of the transferrable lifetime plan to March 31st, from then on it'll be $500 instead of $400.

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March 14th 2024

Quality of life improvements:

  • You can now click on Youtube timestamps while being in edit mode

Bug fixes:

  • Adding Spaces via the "add new note" would not work in some cases

  • Sidebar in light mode had a weird transparency + a few other style fixes there

  • The image text field had a bug where clicking on it would make it jump back into the editor, so it was hard to add an image via a link

  • Add a space after a youtube timestamp so it would not continue being a link as you continue typing

  • Sharing links via the share-sheet on Android didn't work

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March 14th 2024

New Features

Adding the ability to type spaces into the notes field like this #tags or [[WikilLink]]

You can now type out your spaces in the editor (they are not clickable yet though).

Try it out with our Obsidian and Logseq sync or the customisable copy paste too so you'll get them neatly synced over into your knowledge management systems.

Inline annotations without opening the sidebar

You can now view & edit the notes attached to a highlight without opening the sidebar

Quality of Life improvements

  • You can now remove the Spaces via the pills everywhere

Bug fixes:

  • New annotations are added to the top in the dashboard

  • Title changes to shared Spaces was not working

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March 11th 2024

Version Update Summary

Bug Fixes

  • Fix regression causing cmd+A to not work on some pages (was introduced with the multi-select work in the annotation sidebar)

  • Fix up copy paster where the copy to clipboard didn't work on some pages with Rich Text output selected

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March 9th 2024

Version Update Summary

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Increase activation zone for action bar on center right position



  • Fix shift+select of bulk edit, selecting but not actually deleting items

  • Remove not working social logins from Firefox

On the search injection

  • Fix repositioning of search injection in Google etc causing the box to appear twice

  • Fix "settings" button in the search injection not working anymore

  • Make "Undo" disable notification more obvious

  • Disable default for pinned results

  • Make it more obvious when the results are pinned (hard to see currently)

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