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May 23rd 2024

Free Plan Updates

From now on, in the free plan you'll have:

  • 3 daily pages to save/annotate/organise/share (= 90 instead of 25 per month)

    • Each page only counts once, even if you return later to continue annotating/sharing the same page

  • 3 daily AI sessions (= 90 instead of 25 per month)

    • A session starts every time you interact with the AI features on a given page until you close the tab or navigate away from the page

  • 15 instead of 30 day trial with full capabilities of using everything

Quality of Life improvements

  • Super snappy sidebar, cut almost 1 second off the open time on first load

  • Reduced flickering of in-page search

  • First stabs at improved onboarding flows that brings people faster from Zero to AHA!


  • For some users the regular sync and backups would have not been executed

  • Fix Space bar bleeding into host page when pulling up the in-page search

  • Fix progress bar display of automated backups

  • Fixing a bunch of issues with the subscription handling

  • Mobile app fixes on Android where going back from "Share to Memex" would make app crash (saved data was always safe)

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May 16th 2024

Big improvements:

  • From now on in the free AI Powerup we measure AI page sessions from tab open to close/navigate away. Reason is that honestly AI got far, but even with all of our tweaking, sometimes it just needs more than one attempt at writing a prompt or query to get what you need, and there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your counter go down without having gotten value out of it.

    • Now you can work on a single document as much as you want until a session concludes with you closing the tab or navigating to another page in the same tab and using the AI features there. This works for both summaries on all documents and YouTube's AI notes.

Quality of Life improvements

GPT-4o as standard model for people using GPT-4

With the new update to GPT-4o you have now 2x the speed, 50% of the costs and significantly better answers to your questions and summaries

Make the inline-annotation editor and spaces picker A LOT more snappy

Shows a "Items to download" stat again in the dashboard dropdown

When going to "By Spaces" in the Notes section of the righthand sidebar and it is empty, have better UX of adding the first Space

Add button to close the sidebar in the dashboard

Improve UX to explain why there is no page metadata yet fetched by default

  • You have to save the page currently to get the metadata.

  • We know it can be better but don't have the time to improve on that just yet. Let us know if you have a high frequency workflow that requires you to have the page not saved yet and we can could increase the priority.

2x speed improvements in creating shared Spaces and Page links

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug where first use after installing the extension with an existing account will hit your payment walls instantly (unless you go to "My Account" page) to manually fetch the subscription data by loading the page.

  • Fix state issue where newly created annotations are added to Spaces in the UI but should not (though data wise correctly saved)

  • Fix the toggle for "Expand and Compress" that regressed after the v1 of the search improvements

  • Fix bug where the "sharing" state of a note in the dashboard is not properly displayed

  • Fix a bug where there was a race condition between creating a space, sharing it and moving it around, causing data issues. Root cause fixed, data clean up still outstanding.

  • Regression where creating a timestamp on YouTube would not autofocus the text field to keep writing.

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May 15th 2024

A ton of upgrades we just shipped to the mobile app

Quality of Life improvements

  • Sync counter in the dashboard showing you how many items are still to download sync

    • Bringing back the sync counter also in the initial sync that is now MUCH MUCH faster to calculate for anyone setting up the phone freshly.

  • Improved UX of the share-sheet (3 tabs for spaces, annotating or using AI)


  • Fixing bugs with annotation display

  • Some UI cleanups

  • A bunch of obscure sync bugs mostly affecting long-term users

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May 10th 2024

We've been shipping so many improvements and fixes that I couldn't catch up with writing change logs. Here's a summary:

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Greatly improve the search performance when no term is added, including default display of "all saved" and when selecting spaces

  • Cmd+A to "select all" in the AI queries does not select the context boxes anymore, making it easier to replace the prompt

  • Sidebar opening is now faster and without the glitch to first show the ribbon

  • Greatly improve the output quality of AI notes and summaries, in particular on YouTube but also when containing special syntax like " ( ) [ ]

  • Add 20% discount for people who upgrade to a powerup while in Trial

  • Improve UX of selecting GPT-4 and having no upgrade available

  • New onboarding email series to walk new users through the basics with a daily compact email


  • Fix power up upgrade modal appearing randomly

  • Fix youtube timestamp button not activating the time frame on shift+click

  • Fix keystrokes bubbling up to host page in the copy paste editor

  • Fix sync upload issues that some people experience

  • Fix AI queries not taking in the page context when being used on the dashboard

  • Fix PDFs not properly opening (regression of the new search display)

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May 2nd 2024


  • Sometimes Youtube AI summaries would return a lot of output glitches when there were markdown links in the text

  • Adding back additional video sources to the filters

    • Odysee

    • BitChute

    • Rumble

    • CrowdBunker

    • DailyMotion

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May 1st 2024

Quality of Life improvements

  • Add ability to also manually text-select output in the AI chat, instead of entire messages


  • Fixed regression with Reddit (once and for all as we got closer to the root cause!), and in the process killed a whole range of potential bugs with the highlighting execution on other pages!

  • Removed a whole bunch of error log spam in the page console (more removals to come soon!)

  • Fix bug on Firefox with the change to a authentication package that supported MV3, while Firefox is still MV2

  • Don't show "Sync Now" button if its already syncing

  • Add notification for Brave users about the issue with sync messages not going through on Brave.

    • If you are a Brave user you have to enable Google Messages and create a new sync entry. Go to brave://settings/privacy > "Use Google services for push messaging"

Vote on new features

Check out our Roadmap to vote and comment on upcoming features, or suggest your own!

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April 30th 2024

Quality of life improvements

  • Right click on image > "Analyse with AI" to instantly add the image to the AI chat to be analysed.

  • Add hotkeys to interact with focused notes in the results list

    • C - CITE

    • S - Spaces

    • Shift+Enter - Bulk Select

    • Backspace - Delete


  • Bring back the page counter to show left over pages for free users

  • ESCAPE button to close the spaces picker in the annotation card when already selected a space

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April 29th 2024

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Shift clicking on the "Summarize" video button will instantly execute with default prompt

  • Add fuzzy word start matching by adding * anywhere in the query

  • Add scrollbars to critical places in the UI for people who don't have trackpad or mousewheel


  • Make the annotation counter clickable

  • Add a regular sync pull on every dashboard load and in 60min increments as a fallback, especially for Brave users

    • If you are a Brave user you have to enable Google Messages and create a new sync entry. Go to brave://settings/privacy > "Use Google services for push messaging"

  • Fix bug for new users with no data causing infinite loading screen in the dashboard

  • Fix highlights not being added in the web reader

  • Fix display bug where more than 2000 spaces would not display the rest

  • Fix bug where dashboard would not properly load in medium rare cases after the extension has not been used for a bit

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April 29th 2024

This has been our oldest piece of feature and code that just got a good revamp.

Since a lot has changed, feedback about bugs and UX improvements much appreciated.

Whats's new

  • Annotations and pages are now in the same results list, enabling more user friendly search for annotations in particular

  • New Filters flags (type one or more of them into the search bar) - Case INsensitive
    Just add any combination of them to the query once. Default is all enabled. UI coming soon.

    • inTitle

      • Only match the title

    • inContent

      • Only match the content

    • inHighlight

      • Only match the highlighted text

    • inComment

      • Only match your notes

  • Support for bulk selecting annotations to

    • Copy to clipboard

    • Add to Spaces

    • Delete

  • Speed improvements for content type filters

  • Matching terms highlighting for for page and annotation results

Known Issues

  • In the view without applied terms or filters it can happen that a page shows without annotations even if they have some. This happens bc the page appeared twice in the results. e.g because it has been saved on one day and annotated on the next (fixed very soon)

    • Workaround is simply clicking on the "notes" button, they will then show up in the sidebar, just not in the results list.

What's next

  • More filters (already in development)

    • Partial search matches with word starts (Already live in 3.19.4, but only on Firefox as of writing)

      • "Hou*" will find "House" and "Houdini"

      • Simply add * anywhere in the query

      • Also toggleable for default exact or fuzzy matching

    • By Author

    • HasAnnotations

      • Finds all pages that have annotations (or not)

    • HasSpaces

      • Finds all pages that have spaces (or not)

    • All of the above filters accessible via UI instead of just query commands

    • Search for Spaces in the search bar

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April 24th 2024

More Manifest Version 3 related fixes.

We've recently had to update the extension to Manifest Version 3 that required us to completely rewrite the way sync works and expectedly a bugs appearing.
They are our top priority to fix so let us know if you run into any issues:


  • Fix Memex interfering with Notion's editor when using Enter, Arrowkeys, escape and backspace

  • Fix Popup slow loading after Service Worker shutdown

  • Fix Google Login not working after MV3 updates, temporarily removed Twitter login because of other issues still to be identified.

  • Fix UI slowdown (probably noticable on less powerful devices) caused by unecessary string serialisation

  • Fix editor H1 and H2 sizes, and UX of using ## to write a H2 which was interfering with new # autocomplete

  • UI fix with the template editor where it would be slightly transparent without the blur

  • Fix image translation in text exports

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