Improve Sync (and its UX)

There are a few issues with sync to tackle, some functional and some user experience)

We've had a lot of data-model related changes in the past 1.5 years and users who were there before are more likely to be affected.

  • (In progress) Show download counter in desktop and mobile

  • (In progress) Space associations not properly syncing over from mobile to extension

  • (Up Next)

    • Mobile app sync seemingly stuck at "preparing sync" step on the very first sync with lots of data

      • It's actually syncing but because we have an old Firebase SDK version we can't easily update we can't really count the items properly.

      • Solution right now:
        Just let it open and syncing, it should eventually just finish.

    • Rare instance: Setting up new extension with data that is older than 6 months has data related issue because of recent and frequent data model updates

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Oliver Sauter

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