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Dear Developer Team!

Thank you very much for your applications. While Windows Chrome extension almost fully satisfies my needs, there are some lacks in function for android application.

I think that the main lack is that application is not capable to open new web page. If there is some link to another page the app opens it, but if I create new notes/highlight on it - app thinks that I have done it on the previous page. Then during sync with Chrome extension it is not capable to locate this, because it thinks all my notes were created on first initial page which I was browsing via mobile app.

I think that for current state the browsing internet via mobile app is not really convenient, that's why I see the solution is not in improving mobile app for browsing but in building the connection between mobile app and Android browser. For example, when someone selects some text in Android Chrome, they have option to share it. It will be great if app will be capable to use this as input and as output - it could open page with prepared note of selected text, where one can choose color/add note/ and so on.

Right now, there is a functionality of sharing the whole page and Android Memex can open it, but I am talking about the sharing selected text, which can save time dramatically as current version of Android Memex doesn't have search function.

Thank you very much for your time!

Best wishes!

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