April 29th 2024

Extension 3.19.1-3.19.4

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Shift clicking on the "Summarize" video button will instantly execute with default prompt

  • Add fuzzy word start matching by adding * anywhere in the query

  • Add scrollbars to critical places in the UI for people who don't have trackpad or mousewheel


  • Make the annotation counter clickable

  • Add a regular sync pull on every dashboard load and in 60min increments as a fallback, especially for Brave users

    • If you are a Brave user you have to enable Google Messages and create a new sync entry. Go to brave://settings/privacy > "Use Google services for push messaging"

  • Fix bug for new users with no data causing infinite loading screen in the dashboard

  • Fix highlights not being added in the web reader

  • Fix display bug where more than 2000 spaces would not display the rest

  • Fix bug where dashboard would not properly load in medium rare cases after the extension has not been used for a bit

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