May 16th 2024

AI updates, GPT-4o, Sync improvements - v3.19.24/25 Extension

Big improvements:

  • From now on in the free AI Powerup we measure AI page sessions from tab open to close/navigate away. Reason is that honestly AI got far, but even with all of our tweaking, sometimes it just needs more than one attempt at writing a prompt or query to get what you need, and there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your counter go down without having gotten value out of it.

    • Now you can work on a single document as much as you want until a session concludes with you closing the tab or navigating to another page in the same tab and using the AI features there. This works for both summaries on all documents and YouTube's AI notes.

Quality of Life improvements

GPT-4o as standard model for people using GPT-4

With the new update to GPT-4o you have now 2x the speed, 50% of the costs and significantly better answers to your questions and summaries

Make the inline-annotation editor and spaces picker A LOT more snappy

Shows a "Items to download" stat again in the dashboard dropdown

When going to "By Spaces" in the Notes section of the righthand sidebar and it is empty, have better UX of adding the first Space

Add button to close the sidebar in the dashboard

Improve UX to explain why there is no page metadata yet fetched by default

  • You have to save the page currently to get the metadata.

  • We know it can be better but don't have the time to improve on that just yet. Let us know if you have a high frequency workflow that requires you to have the page not saved yet and we can could increase the priority.

2x speed improvements in creating shared Spaces and Page links

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug where first use after installing the extension with an existing account will hit your payment walls instantly (unless you go to "My Account" page) to manually fetch the subscription data by loading the page.

  • Fix state issue where newly created annotations are added to Spaces in the UI but should not (though data wise correctly saved)

  • Fix the toggle for "Expand and Compress" that regressed after the v1 of the search improvements

  • Fix bug where the "sharing" state of a note in the dashboard is not properly displayed

  • Fix a bug where there was a race condition between creating a space, sharing it and moving it around, causing data issues. Root cause fixed, data clean up still outstanding.

  • Regression where creating a timestamp on YouTube would not autofocus the text field to keep writing.

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