May 10th 2024

Extension: 3.19.10-3.19.23

We've been shipping so many improvements and fixes that I couldn't catch up with writing change logs. Here's a summary:

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Greatly improve the search performance when no term is added, including default display of "all saved" and when selecting spaces

  • Cmd+A to "select all" in the AI queries does not select the context boxes anymore, making it easier to replace the prompt

  • Sidebar opening is now faster and without the glitch to first show the ribbon

  • Greatly improve the output quality of AI notes and summaries, in particular on YouTube but also when containing special syntax like " ( ) [ ]

  • Add 20% discount for people who upgrade to a powerup while in Trial

  • Improve UX of selecting GPT-4 and having no upgrade available

  • New onboarding email series to walk new users through the basics with a daily compact email


  • Fix power up upgrade modal appearing randomly

  • Fix youtube timestamp button not activating the time frame on shift+click

  • Fix keystrokes bubbling up to host page in the copy paste editor

  • Fix sync upload issues that some people experience

  • Fix AI queries not taking in the page context when being used on the dashboard

  • Fix PDFs not properly opening (regression of the new search display)

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