April 24th 2024

Memex Extension 3.18.24-3.18.26

More Manifest Version 3 related fixes.

We've recently had to update the extension to Manifest Version 3 that required us to completely rewrite the way sync works and expectedly a bugs appearing.
They are our top priority to fix so let us know if you run into any issues:


  • Fix Memex interfering with Notion's editor when using Enter, Arrowkeys, escape and backspace

  • Fix Popup slow loading after Service Worker shutdown

  • Fix Google Login not working after MV3 updates, temporarily removed Twitter login because of other issues still to be identified.

  • Fix UI slowdown (probably noticable on less powerful devices) caused by unecessary string serialisation

  • Fix editor H1 and H2 sizes, and UX of using ## to write a H2 which was interfering with new # autocomplete

  • UI fix with the template editor where it would be slightly transparent without the blur

  • Fix image translation in text exports

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