May 23rd 2024

Snappy Sidebar, Free Plan updates, smaller fixes: 3.19.26-3.19.29

Free Plan Updates

From now on, in the free plan you'll have:

  • 3 daily pages to save/annotate/organise/share (= 90 instead of 25 per month)

    • Each page only counts once, even if you return later to continue annotating/sharing the same page

  • 3 daily AI sessions (= 90 instead of 25 per month)

    • A session starts every time you interact with the AI features on a given page until you close the tab or navigate away from the page

  • 15 instead of 30 day trial with full capabilities of using everything

Quality of Life improvements

  • Super snappy sidebar, cut almost 1 second off the open time on first load

  • Reduced flickering of in-page search

  • First stabs at improved onboarding flows that brings people faster from Zero to AHA!


  • For some users the regular sync and backups would have not been executed

  • Fix Space bar bleeding into host page when pulling up the in-page search

  • Fix progress bar display of automated backups

  • Fixing a bunch of issues with the subscription handling

  • Mobile app fixes on Android where going back from "Share to Memex" would make app crash (saved data was always safe)

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