April 29th 2024

V1 of New Search - 3.19.0

This has been our oldest piece of feature and code that just got a good revamp.

Since a lot has changed, feedback about bugs and UX improvements much appreciated.

Whats's new

  • Annotations and pages are now in the same results list, enabling more user friendly search for annotations in particular

  • New Filters flags (type one or more of them into the search bar) - Case INsensitive
    Just add any combination of them to the query once. Default is all enabled. UI coming soon.

    • inTitle

      • Only match the title

    • inContent

      • Only match the content

    • inHighlight

      • Only match the highlighted text

    • inComment

      • Only match your notes

  • Support for bulk selecting annotations to

    • Copy to clipboard

    • Add to Spaces

    • Delete

  • Speed improvements for content type filters

  • Matching terms highlighting for for page and annotation results

What's next

  • More filters (already in development)

    • By Author

    • HasAnnotations

      • Finds all pages that have annotations (or not)

    • HasSpaces

      • Finds all pages that have spaces (or not)

    • All of the above filters accessible via UI instead of just query commands

    • Search for Spaces in the search bar

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